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Why is cattle feeding so important? 🐮

The best type of beef

Just as for humans, feeding cattle is essential to achieve a good state of health and well-being.

For cattle to have a complete diet, they must have a diet that includes six basic daily components such as water, protein, minerals, vitamins, energy, and fiber.

Water is one of the most important components in the diet of cattle. Did you know that an adult cow needs to consume between 40 and 60 liters per day? That is why it is essential that they can always have water within their reach and, of course, that it is water in good conditions and hygiene.

Proteins are another source of feed for cows that are involved in their metabolism. Forage legumes are an alternative, in terms of protein, when there is a shortage in the field.

Finally, minerals, vitamins, and fiber are other elements that must be present in the feed. There are times when they must be applied externally, although they are almost always ingested through fodder and feed.

How does the feeding of cattle influence the meat?

feeding of cattle influence the meat?

Surely you have heard on different occasions, that as the cow eats, so will be the quality of the meat, and the reason is not lacking. An increase in juiciness, tenderness, as well as flavor and aroma, are some of the aspects that are influenced by the feed.

As you already know in MeatTown, we highly value all this care and welfare of cattle, and that we take very much into account when choosing the cows with which we elaborate our products, which include all types of meats and beef cuts.

Of course, the work of the farmers is the most important and very necessary to ensure that the feeding of beef cattle is optimal.

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