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What Charcoal to use for a Barbecue? 🔥

what is the best charcoal for large meats

The importance of good charcoal

Although it is often underestimated, using good charcoal for our grill will help maximize the potential of the meat you will prepare.

If you want to know the best cuts you may be interested in: The Cuts of Meat you should know for your Barbecue

If we use low-quality charcoal we may find, among other inconveniences, that it does not generate enough heat or that the fire weakens quickly in the middle of the barbecue.

How can we distinguish good charcoal?

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The pieces should be large and there should not be a high amount of dust.

The amount of spark generated when lighting the charcoal will also determine the quality of the charcoal. If a high amount of spark is generated, the material is not of good quality and will have a lower yield.


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The type of charcoal we should use is vegetable charcoal, due to the heat it gives off, its duration, and the flavor and smells it provides to the meat, especially for large cuts such as T-Bone, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Rib Eye, among others. Some of the best types of charcoal come from trees such as pine, quebracho, holm oak, hawthorn, or marabou.

In addition, charcoal is an environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and renewable type of fuel.

Finally, we should never spray the charcoal with alcohol or any other type of flammable product to ignite it, we would be spoiling everything. The flame can be too big and many of these chemicals are toxic, and when burned they can contaminate the food.

One of the tricks to ignite the charcoal can be to make balls with kitchen paper dipped in vegetable oil or with the charcoal wrapper itself, if it is not made of plastic, of course.

See you next time meat lovers!

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