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The Cuts of Meat you should know for your Barbecue 🥩🔪

As a meat lover, you surely include these cuts in your diet. If you are not familiar with the names, here is a brief description of each one.

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The best meat cuts in miami

Arrachera is one of the most common cuts and one of the most frequently used in barbecues. It comes from the diaphragm, which is a muscle attached to the ribs of the beef. It has a girdle shape, little fat, and no bones. It is advisable to marinate the meat before cooking to make it softer.


The best cuts of meat for barbecue

It is the classic Argentinean cut, similar to beefsteak or steak. It is commonly cooked on the coals or grilled. The thickness of the meat is usually only one centimeter and it is boneless.


cheap new york cut in miami

New York Steak contains little fat, is tender, and most often boneless. It is commonly cooked over charcoal, baked, or grilled to 3/4 doneness so that it retains its juiciness.


The picaña or picanha has a triangular shape. It is covered by a layer of white fat that gives it part of the flavor, an extremely good, elongated cut of medium thickness, dark red. But what makes it different is the type of cut, typically Brazilian.

It presents unparalleled juiciness and flavor. It is, in my opinion, the perfect meat to bake or grill. Because of its extraordinary qualities, however, you do it, it comes out well.


where to buy rib eye in miami

Like New York Steak, Rib Eye is considered a gourmet cut. It is obtained from the rib of beef and is known for its tenderness and juiciness. It is served with or without bone.

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what is t bone meat cut in miami

The T-Bone is a cut formed by two types of meat: sirloin and tenderloin, with a bone in the shape of a "T" between both parts. It is commonly cooked on charcoal or grilled and its thickness does not exceed two centimeters.


how to prepare the best barbecue in miami

Porterhouse is similar to T-bone, mainly because both are obtained from the loin of beef. What makes it different is the tenderness of the meat. In addition, it is a little wider or thicker. It is usually grilled, charbroiled, or fried.


where to buy the best tomahawk in miami

Tomahawk is a cut of meat served with a piece of bone exposed in the shape of an ax (hence the origin of its name) that adds flavor during cooking. It is advisable to eat it at medium or 3/4. It is a juicy and tender piece.

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