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What is the best meat for barbecues? 🥩

the best meats for barbecues

We are often asked this question: What is the best meat for barbecue? What are the cuts that look best? What pieces should I buy to succeed in a family barbecue? We hope this article will help you to get a clearer idea.

Here you will be able to see the first dishes that will come out of our barbecues, such as grilled sausages, bacon strips, chicken wings, and other similar dishes, up to the most-awaited pieces, such as barbecued ribs, hamburgers, steaks, or pieces of barbecued meat for filleting. We explain it in detail.

The starters

The best starters for a barbecue

The best meat for the barbecue. Although it will depend on the taste of each one, the habitual thing in the meetings around the barbecue is to begin with roasted sausages, strips of bacon, and other similar articles. This way we give time to the main pieces to be cooked little by little.

Another great option is to prepare skewers or skewers, and put them to grill from the beginning, while the thicker pieces are being done, always slowly. If you want, you can buy the pieces loose, chorizos criollos, strips of bacon or to try a little of everything, we recommend our pack of barbecue starters to start.

The best barbecue meats

What meats should I buy for a barbecue?

Of course, we have many options depending on your taste, and the type of meat you choose, but we can give you the following hints. If you want to eat pork, we recommend you prepare the classic barbecued pork ribs.

If you opt for beef, the barbecue products most requested by our regular customers are steaks and hamburgers. Here you have a lot of options to choose from. Among the chops, the ones that come with the bone are great and very juicy, although you will see that you can find from Picanha, tenderloin, Striploin, Tomahawk, among others.

And it can be of any quality, either USDA Choice Meats, USDA Prime Meats, Wagyu Meats, or Argentinean cuts, among others.

Are you interested in these cuts of meat? Buy the best for your barbecue at MeatTown. Enjoy the best! For more information click here.

Among the burgers, there is a wide variety of meat types, sizes, and presentations so you can succeed with this popular ingredient without surprises. All the hamburgers are made with quality meats and without adding cereals or other elements foreign to this product.

What if I want to try a little bit of everything?

guy cooking barbecue in miami

So that you do not complicate your life we have left you a link so that you know the best cuts for your barbecue:

The Cuts of Meat you should know for your Barbecue 🥩🔪

We hope these tips will help you in your next gathering around the coals and remember to be careful to turn off the barbecue well and collect all the waste. And don't forget to check our blog for more tips that we have been publishing, to see more tricks, recommendations, sauces, and everything you need for a good barbecue.

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