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Prepare your first Barbecue with these tips 🥩🔪

Do you remember all the times you saw your dad in front of the grill and they never even let you turn the meat! Well, if you were one of those who were never even given a lesson on how to prepare a barbecue, it's about time you learned how to be the best in front of the grill and not look like a beginner.

Here we are going to help you to shine and then invite you to enjoy some good cuts of meat.

The right spark

Everything burns if you apply the right spark, in the grill you must think very well about the quality of the charcoal or firewood you are going to use, because that is the basis of everything. These materials, besides determining the duration and strength of the heat you need, will also provide flavor.

Take it easy, my friend!

We understand that you are hungry, that you crave it every moment just to see it in the coals, but be patient! Touching it too many times or moving it around can make your cut lose its juiciness.

Always grab the best

If you don't have good meat, you're already going bad. Always make sure you have the best cuts, with a moderate amount of fat, to give it a richer flavor.

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Hit the charcoal grill

Always keep control of the fire, to shape and cook the rich cuts you are cooking, but above all, so that you don't leave it too raw or too burnt. Some people say that if you place your hand 4 cm away from the barbecue and hold it for 10 seconds, this is how the ember should stay.

Get organized

The full grill looks nice, ready for an Instagram photo, but you must take into account that not everything is cooked at the same heat, so they will not grill evenly. Always try to put the sausages first, then the thin meats, and finally, the thick meats.

And now that you have taken note of our tips, let's get the barbecue ready!

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