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The best Manual for a Good griller 📖

how to cook a barbecue?

This manual is a compilation of instructions to make a good barbecue, so we recommend you to read it before preparing any gathering around the coals so that nothing can go wrong.

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The embers

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First of all, we need a good source of heat. The ideal is to use charcoal or wood embers, being advised not to start grilling the meats until the embers are well done, with white color and without flames.

Trick / tip

If the flames are fanned by dripping fat, they can be extinguished by adding a handful of coarse salt, or by spraying water with a spray, so as not to extinguish the embers and prevent the flames from burning the meat.

In addition to ember grills, electric or gas grills are also great, and although they do not have the aroma of embers and smoke, they can be used to grill food with a similar result.

The point of the meat

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Taking a cutlet as an example, if you like your meat rare, let it cook for 3 minutes on each side. If you prefer your meat medium-rare, cook it for 4 minutes per side, and for very well done meat, cook each side for 5 minutes or more.

The best meats to put on the grill are Picanha, tenderloin, Striploin, Tomahawk, and a few others. Find them all at MeatTown by clicking here.

Trick / tip

It is important not to cook the meat too close to the fire, as it can burn on the outside and become raw or even cold on the inside. It is better to cook it over low heat, farther away from the heat source.

Order on the grill

guy barbecuing in miami

As for the order of the products to be cooked, we recommend starting with the fattier items, chorizos, bacon, black pudding, etc, which can be enjoyed by everyone while cooking the foods that need more cooking time, such as meats, ribs, roast strips and pieces with bone.

Trick / tip

While the meats are cooking, you can take the opportunity to roast vegetables, potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil, and other vegetables, which will serve as a garnish to the main dish which is the meats.


It is advisable to add a little fine salt to the meat before cooking so that the meat takes on a toasted color more quickly. Turn the meat when it starts to sweat. Then, when it is cooked, add coarse salt, that is to say, salt flakes or fleur de sel crystals, according to taste.


best barbecue sauces in miami

If we are going to cook the meat as is, it is good to brush the meat with olive oil before putting it on the grill. If we cook the meat after a marinade or dressing, it can be placed directly on the grill, basting it with the sauce from time to time and every time it is turned over.

Trick / tip

Take a look at our sauces section because they are also ideal for marinating. To see them click here

Amount of meat needed

Regarding the quantity of products, it is convenient to calculate well the necessary quantity so that there is not too much meat and so that nobody stays hungry. Estimate 500 grams for men, 300 grams for women, and 150 grams for children. It is convenient to prepare garnishes and salads that will help our guests to eat not only meat but a variety of foods.


Do not forget to extinguish the embers well, and avoid the risks of fire, since sadly it is frequent to find in the news that numerous forest fires are produced because of badly extinguished barbecues.

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