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Ideas to accompany your Beef Dishes 🥩

We know that if you are here, you are passionate about beef, in all its variants, be it the delicious marbling of Wagyu meats, the taste of USDA Prime & USDA Choice meats. But in case you don't know how to accompany your beef dishes, we are going to give you some easy ideas that you would never have imagined.

It does not matter if what you are going to eat is stewed meat, a baked sirloin, or ribeye. These ideas to accompany your dishes are the perfect wild card, and you will have a five-star garnish.

Garnish for your summer dishes

We are coming to a time where spoon dishes are giving way to salads, barbecues, roasts, and fresh dishes.

If you are thinking about how to accompany your beef dishes, you cannot miss a crudité of vegetables with yogurt sauce. They pair perfectly with grilled meat or with a simple first-class steak, grilled.

Mashed potatoes are that easy food but it is suitable for any meat dish, as it gives it a creamy and very tasty texture.

Original salads to accompany your Beef dishes

These dishes are always "good for everything" but we can go a little further, and if you are one of those who like to innovate in the kitchen, you cannot miss these ideas for original salads.

One of our favorites is the pear, Roquefort cheese, walnuts, and tender shoots. The soft connection of the pear, with the spicy touch of the Roquefort, makes you feel an explosion of flavor in your mouth, thanks to this delicious synergy.

Another fresh idea with a different touch is the mango salad with lime. In addition to giving that citrus touch and a delicious contrast with the meat, we are sure that you are going to love it.

If you are more of the traditional dishes, of course, you cannot miss some delicious French fries, grilled vegetables, or a tomato salad. These combinations to accompany your beef dishes are the kind of a lifetime, but the kind that everyone likes.

Now that you know the necessary appetizers and accompaniments, you have to have quality meat. Find in MeatTown the best meats, juicy and high quality. Find out more by clicking here

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