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How to start the fire in a barbecue charcoal? 🔥

how to light barbecue charcoal

As a general rule, light the charcoal one hour before putting the meat on the grill. To do this, you need 6 disposable kitchen towels, 1 knife, 250mil of cooking oil, and a few matches.

Follow these simple steps for a perfect fire:

Take 5 disposable towels; separate and detach each one. With the first one form a ball and wrap it with a second one, and so on, until you get a compact sphere of about 8 to 10 centimeters.

Insert the knife in the ball, turn it and make a perforation, without reaching the other end. Remove the knife, spread the sixth and last towel, place the ball in the center of it, and pour oil into the perforation you made, until it is soaked.

Wrap the ball by lifting up the 4 ends of the extended towel, bring them together and twist them to make a wick, and also dip it in oil.

Remove the grill from your grill, place the ball where the charcoal goes and light the wick. Around the lit ball, place large pieces of charcoal and form a pyramid about 20cm. high. Be careful not to blow out the wick. Open all the vents of your grill to let the air circulate; if it has a lid, leave it up.

Once the charcoal pyramid is lit, spread the coals with a garden shovel. Place 2 or 3 layers of charcoal on one side of the grill for intense heat and a single layer on the other for medium heat. This way you will have two temperatures in one rotisserie.

If you want indirect heat, place 2 or 3 layers of coals on each side of your rotisserie and leave a free space of coals in the center.

If you need to add more charcoal to your rotisserie, it is better to place it on; you can have it ready in a portable rotisserie, an anafre, or in a brazier. If you are interested in lighting charcoal is because you are interested in making a barbecue with delicious and juicy meat, that's why in MeatTown we offer you the best meat in Miami. Know our products by clicking here.

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