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How to prepare the best hamburger? 🍔

the best meat in miami for burgers

The Hamburger, a universal product that has ended up conquering meat-eating palates around the world. Ambassador par excellence of Fast food, he has far exceeded this concept and the gourmet hamburger continues to gain ground in the gastronomic scene with increasingly sophisticated proposals.

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On the occasion of the arrival of the barbecue season, we give you important advice from various chefs to aspire to perfection. These are the four things you should keep in mind.

1. The meat

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This is no secret: the better the meat, the better the burger. With that said, choose the meat that fits your budget, be it Wagyu, USDA Choice, or USDA Prime meats. To choose the meat, you must follow a clear rule: ideally, it should have between 70 and 80% protein and between 20 and 30% fat. This is important, as meats that are too lean are dry. For the hamburgers to be done well, they should not be too big.

Between 120 and 150 grams is the ideal ration The chefs recommend in the WSJ to choose minced meat from the shoulder of the cows, which corresponds to their cut known as 'chuck', the area of ​​the muscles that these animals use the most and that, due to this is more tender.

In our country this is more or less equivalent to the needle, the shoulder, the trowel or the arm, meat with a lot of fat, ideal for chopping and making hamburgers. In Spain, many cooks choose to mix beef and pork, and there are also those who add eggs or bread, but if the veal is good there is no reason to defile it.

The important thing, in any case, is to avoid already prepared hamburgers, which with few exceptions come from bad cuts of dubious origin. It should also be borne in mind that for the hamburgers to be done well they should not be too big. Between 120 and 150 grams is the ideal portion.

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2. The bread

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The hamburger bun is usually one of the parts that we neglect the most since we limit ourselves to buying the one we find in the supermarket, without worrying much about its texture, flavor, or size. The first thing to keep in mind is that our bread should cover the meat perfectly, in a 1: 1 ratio. In addition, it must have a certain consistency, so that the sandwich does not completely fall apart.

Very different hamburger buns are used such as the 'soft potato bun' (potato), the brioche, or the kaiser roll. If we do not want to make our bread at home, which is also an option, the ideal is not to be rácanos and opt for a slightly decent brand and a batch that, if possible, does not take months on the supermarket shelf.

3. The elaboration

how to cook tasty meat for hamburgers

The first question we must ask ourselves is where we want to cook our hamburger. Although barbecue burgers sound very appetizing, the truth is that the vast majority of chefs prefer to cook them on the grill.

The juice that the meat gives off is the best flavor enhancer that the hamburger can have and the grill allows us to cook the steak in its own fat, something impossible on the barbecue. To achieve a juicy hamburger we should never make it more than four minutes on each side. To achieve that the meat is almost crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside it is important to cook these at the correct temperature.

About 45 minutes before cooking, we must leave them out of the fridge (so that they are done faster). When we are ready we must heat the iron to between 150 and 200 degrees: almost full.

To achieve a juicy hamburger we should never make it more than four minutes on each side, if we make it three it will be to the point, and if the meat is good and we like it to be well raw, two per side is enough.

4. The complements

the best burger sauces in miami

This is the part where there are more discussions. Lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, pickles ... All the accessories can work but, if the meat is good, the cooks recommend that we do not spend all of it.

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Regarding cheese, the ideal is to choose a variety that melts when it comes into contact with hot meat (to facilitate this, we can add it on the grill itself, once we give the hamburger the first turn) and that is not too strong.

American cheese or cheddar are used, which are the most classic. It is better not to smear the ketchup sandwich if we want to notice the flavor of the meat. Regarding the sauces, it is a matter of taste, but again it is better not to smear the ketchup sandwich if we want to notice the flavor of the meat.

It is very common to also use 'relish', a pickle of finely chopped gherkins, slightly sweet. And the salad? It is not necessary to add it, but it is all a matter of taste. It is very common to add onions, especially grilled or caramelized, tomatoes, and lettuce, although the latter has many detractors among chefs who consider that its texture remains soft in contact with the hamburger and does not provide any notable flavor.

Always know here the best cooking tips, and also buy the best meats, beef, pork, Wagyu, USDA Choice, or USDA Prime, and more. So that you leave your friends impressed! Learn more about what we offer by clicking here! 👈

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