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How to prepare meat for Barbecues at Home? 🍖

The arrival of good weather encourages us to prepare roasts and barbecues. They are ways of cooking meats of all kinds, be it beef, pork, wagyu meats, or whatever you want. All are ideal to share with family and friends. For this reason, today we want to give you the keys so that you know how to prepare meat for roasting. It is about explaining what previous processes we must carry out before putting the meat in the oven. Obviously, they are equally valid if you are going to put the meat on the barbecue.

How to prepare meat for roasting at home?

There are several things that we have to take into account when we want to grill meat to get tasty and juicy meat with the touch that the roast technique brings. Roasting meat involves subjecting it to high temperatures but dry, without the direct presence of broths or fats. That is why it is important to take into account many factors so that our barbecue is a success.

Choice of meat

Whether you choose high-quality meats such as Wagyu, USDA Prime & USDA Choice, or opt for a more traditional option, the fundamental thing will always be to choose the one you like the most. Depending on what we want to do, we will choose Prime Picanha, Short Ribs, or the one of your preference.

What do we want to cook?

Obviously, it is not the same if we are going to roast a shoulder of lamb as if we are going to make roast beef. Stuffed meats do not have the same requirements as the ideal meats for grilling. In any case, today we will see how to prepare meat for roasting, stopping at the marinating of the meats. Also, we will recommend tying the pieces to keep their shape.

Marinating the meats

A common technique prior to roasting the meat is to subject it to a previous marinade. By marinating the meat we get an extra flavor, color, and tenderness. After the marinade, the meat softens and is prepared for the subsequent heatstroke of roasting.

There are many recipes for marinades and special marinades to prepare meat for roasting. For large pieces, you can make a marinade with beer, garlic, parsley, Perrins sauce, and spices to taste.

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For skewers, wings, and other small pieces, you can use a marinade of soy sauce, honey, white wine, and lemon juice. This marinade improves by completing it with minced garlic and aromatic herbs. Finally, a classic marinade of brine, paprika, and oregano, will give the meat the classic Spanish flavor of the marinade. The latter preparation is ideal for chicken, pork, and beef recipes.

The meat should be put in the sauce or marinade and leave for about three hours, prior to roasting. At the time of roasting, we will dry the meat well and cook it in the oven or hot coals. Thus, a crunchy crust or outer layer is formed that retains the juices inside as much as possible.

Meat tied

Bridging or tying the meat, especially when we are going to prepare roast beef, round, etc., facilitates the success of the roast, by ensuring that the shape of the piece is maintained.

Many of the pieces are presented already tied, inside meshes that resist the temperature of the oven or grill. Those that do not, we can tie them without difficulty with a kitchen string. With this technique, we ensure that the meat is ready to be sliced ​​in a similar way after it has been through the coals or the oven.

Prepare a spice crust

This other operation creates a crunchy and tasty outer layer, which helps to preserve the juices inside the piece. To do this, after tying the meat, it is smeared or varnished with oil or butter and covered with the chosen mixture of spices. Pepper, cardamom, cumin, and all kinds of crushed aromatic herbs are perfect for large pieces of meat. After roasting, the meat has an attractive presentation and a magnificent cut.

By putting these techniques into practice, you already know how to prepare meat for roasting. If you carry them out and always use quality products, your next roasts will be a success.

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