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How To Make Perfect Baked Pork Ribs

How to make the best Pork Ribs

Rib baking is an art form. Let's just say it's not a difficult process, but it does necessitate some knowledge and, of course, a lot of patience. Pork ribs do not cook in an hour, nor in two hours... they require four hours of cooking time to be ideal.

So, I'm going to show you how to create delicious pork ribs roasted in the oven.


You'll need three things:

  • A tasty pork rack.

  • Spices in various combinations.

  • This is a fantastic BBQ sauce. The latter is optional because you may have a fantastic supper just by mixing the spices together, but come on, we want these ribs to be unforgettable, therefore prepare the barbecue sauce yes or yes!


In general, a portion of 12 ribs feeds around 2 persons (6 each). You can start with pieces with small ribs and add more later, or you can start with larger pieces that will fill you up faster.

Choose a rack with a decent balance of bone and flesh. When you go to the butcher and they sell you a piece that is almost totally made of pure flesh, that is not the idea; we want rib bones because the flavor is right there.

You can remove a small amount of the surplus fat off the rack you've acquired, but don't go wild.


So, we've arrived at the realm of subjectivity and creativity. To create these baked pork ribs, anyone can make their own spice blend.

I'll explain the spices I use, and you may either follow my recipe or use it as inspiration to create your own.

  • Cumin: I like the aroma and flavor, but it shouldn't be used in large amounts so that it doesn't overpower the other components.

  • Rosemary is another tasty flavor that pairs well with pork. If you don't want to use cumin, rosemary will suffice.

  • Black pepper, freshly ground, is a must-have.

  • Aromatic white pepper.

  • Cayenne pepper: adds a spicy kick, although it's not required.

  • Garlic powder: You don't need much of it.

  • Onion powder is similar to garlic powder in that it should be used sparingly.

  • Approximately a teaspoon of brown sugar


how to cook pork ribs easy

You may also witness the inventiveness of people who will be cooking here.

As a general rule, I make the basic barbecue sauce in the following manner:

12 teaspoon dijon mustard, 1 cup ketchup, 14 cup Worcestershire sauce, 1 tablespoon honey (you can also use traditional mustard). 14 onion, cut into small pieces, 1 garlic clove, salt, and pepper

Sauté the garlic and onion, then add the rest of the ingredients and cook for 20 minutes over low heat, checking for salt along the way. When the sauce has thickened to the consistency of a sauce, take it from the heat and set it aside.

Chopped apples, a splash of orange juice, pineapple chunks... the magic is in the imagination.


  • Because not all ovens are created equal, and because pork rib pieces might be little or large, with varying thicknesses, cooking times may vary, so be cautious.

  • The most important thing to remember is that the pork ribs should be cooked for around 4 hours at a temperature of 120-130oC. The first 2 and a half hours of these 4 hours will be spent in the oven, covered with aluminum foil. After this time, you'll uncover them and cook them for another hour and a half.

  • You must be careful not to let them burn, especially in the last hour. It shouldn't happen, but ovens can be dangerous.

  • During the last ten minutes of cooking, baste your pork ribs with the barbecue sauce you made earlier.

  • You can even bathe them ahead of time, layering every 30 to 40 minutes. However, my experience has taught me that it just takes 10 minutes before it is worthwhile.

  • Also, if you want the baked ribs to have a more brown hue and a more "toasted" finish, which is not the same as burning, you can raise the oven temperature in the last few minutes.

  • Finally, poke the meat with a fork or a toothpick to see whether it is ready; if you do not feel resistance while inserting it, they are ready.

  • Regardless, the pork ribs will be done after 4 hours of cooking, unless your oven is faulty.


recipes for cooking pork ribs

  • 1 pork rib rack (12 ribs approximately)

  • 1 cup barbeque sauce (homemade if possible)

  • Salt

Spice blend:
  • Black pepper

  • Pepper (white)

  • Powdered cayenne pepper

  • Cumin powder

  • Rosemary

  • Powdered garlic

  • Powdered onion

  • Brown sugar is a type of sugar that is used


  1. Salt both sides of your ribs after ensuring that they are clean and free of extra fat.

  2. Prepare the spice combination by mixing together the brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, rosemary, onion, and garlic in a single container. Simply scatter them evenly onto both sides of the ribs.

  3. Place the ribs in a container large enough to hold them comfortably and refrigerate for an hour.

  4. If you haven't made the barbecue sauce yet, now is the time to do so, as I instructed above.

  5. Preheat the oven to 120 degrees Celsius after 1 hour.

  6. Place the ribs on a big dish with the meatiest side facing up, where they will fit comfortably.

  7. Use a rack that lifts them slightly inside the pan if you have one.

  8. Aluminum foil should be used to cover the tray. Place them in the oven and cook for about 2 and a half hours.

  9. Remove the aluminum foil after this time and continue baking for another 90 minutes.

  10. Reopen the oven 10 minutes before the timer goes off, remove the ribs from the tray, and baste them on both sides with the barbecue sauce. You can use a brush to ensure that they are well impregnated.

  11. Return the ribs to the oven and turn the heat up to 200 degrees.

  12. Cook for another 10 minutes, keeping an eye on them to ensure they don't burn.

  13. Cook them longer if you want them to be browner, but be careful.

  14. When the ribs are done, remove them from the oven, place them on a wooden board, and bring them to the table with an additional helping of BBQ sauce in a jar for everyone to select from.

Finally, remember to consume them with your hands and later suck them with your fingers.

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