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How to grill Meat cuts? 🍖🔥

Where to get barbecue meat in miami

Surely you have found yourself in the situation of having a cut of meat, and not knowing the best way to cook it, so that it does not burn and remains juicy and delicious for your guests. Well, don't worry about that anymore! Learn here the best ways to grill your cuts of meat.

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How to make the best barbecues in miami

It is recommended to first grill the meat garnishes such as nopal, chorizos, onions, and others so that the intensity of the fire decreases a little, then with bread tongs put the meat in the frying pan.

It should be turned only once, as soon as drops of juice appear on the upper part of the desired roast.

Avoid roasting frozen cuts, as they will burn on the outside before reaching the desired doneness.


where to buy quality meat in miami

Heat the utensil perfectly well, if 3 pieces of meat fit. This is recommended so that the griddle or frying pan does not get cold, and also preserves its flavor and juices.

Otherwise, if you saturate the utensil the meat will boil in its juice and it will not roast correctly, it is worth mentioning that in some cases it is necessary to moderate the fire according to the thickness of the utensil.

Do not cover the grill, this causes steam and the cuts will undoubtedly be dry and possibly hard because the steam contracts all the fibers.

NOTE: The word cuts include:

Arrachera, Rib-eye, T-Bone, Sirloin. Bife de Chorizo, Picaña, Top-Sirloin, Marinated Brisket, New York, Strip Roast, etc. with an approximate weight of 200 to 500grs per cut.

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