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How not to spoil the meat: The knife and the direction of the cut 🔪

how to cut meat to make it tender

After years of breeding, slaughtering, maturation and finally cooking, the meat arrives on your plate. At this stage of the process, we must also take special care in several aspects to maximize the potential of the meat, whether sirloin, chop, entrecote or any other piece of beef that has a vein. Both in the knife we are going to use, as well as in the direction of the cut. If we do not pay special attention to these last two details, we will spoil the work of many years and of many people.

The knife

We should not use a serrated knife, since this will tear the meat, thus breaking the intramuscular fat and turning it into a kind of ball. Exemplifying it in another sector, it would be as if when cutting wood we did not make a clean cut and left it splintered.

The knife we should use is one with a smooth and sharp blade that provides a clean cut, which does not destructure the grain.

The direction of the cut

Apart from using the right knife, we must make the cut in a specific direction. Always in the direction of the grain.

If we do not make the cut in the direction of the grain, we will be making the cut against nature, thus breaking the balance.

It is the small details that make the difference.

Now let's enjoy the food!

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