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How to cook beef in a healthy way, and make it delicious 🥩

how to cook beef?

The way beef is cooked determines the flavor of the meat, and also the nutrients, since, with some cooking processes, these are lost.

We are sure that when you start cooking beef, you have always opted for grilling or stews. Both cooking techniques are suitable, but today we are going to look at other ways of cooking beef.

Vacuum and low temperature. This type of cooking is one of the healthiest ways we can find. The temperature used is between 50 and 60º and as it is cooked inside a bag, all the juices released by the meat are concentrated and we can take advantage of them.

A form of cooking that in the last years has acquired much notoriety is slow cooking. Of course, we must be clear that this way of cooking is not suitable for people in a hurry. The result will be a juicy and tender meat, ready to be tasted.

Who doesn't like a stew?

the best meat to make a beef stew

It is one of our favorite ways of cooking beef. The fact of cooking it at low temperature, makes the meat release the juices and takes the flavor of all the ingredients that accompany it in the casserole.

The pressure cooker gives us the ability to cook pieces in a very short time, which by other methods would take hours. But equally, it does not give the possibility to maintain the tenderness and flavor of the meat.

Have you ever used these ways of cooking beef?

ways to cook beef

And no, we have not forgotten the most traditional techniques, or those most used in our kitchens on a daily basis.

Grilled or grilled meat is basic. They are two sources of dry and direct heat that we apply when cooking beef. By not using oil in both ways of cooking, they are very healthy, and respecting the cooking time, we maintain the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.

Finally, we cannot forget the oven, that great friend that helps us so much at the time of cooking and with which we can elaborate delicious recipes in a healthy way.

But we must bear in mind that, if we marinate the meat or marinate it before cooking it in the oven, we increase its caloric intake.

Which of these ways of cooking beef do you use the most?

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