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Barbecue season, you can't miss these tips 🔪

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With the arrival of spring and good weather, our plans change, although there is one that never fails, and that is that we are entering the barbecue season.

As good barbecue lovers, in all its forms, we know that there are always some products that can never fail in one, and we are not only talking about beef. For that reason, we are going to make a review of those essential products that can never fail and that perhaps, you don't always do.

For a T-bone steak, it's always a good occasion.

Of course, the king of the house had to be the first on the list. Although it is only suitable for those who love 100% beef. In case you do not like to eat too much meat, you can always take a beef T-bone steak, of less weight, or as the saying goes "to share is to live".

Entrecote of loin, always present in barbecue season

When we are going to make a barbecue, we cook for the whole family. Beef tenderloin entrecote is perfect for the little ones in the house or for those with smaller stomachs.

Our barbecued Rib Eye, delicious!

With the entrecote we recommend you to grill it round and round when the coals are very low, this way we will give it the right point, without leaving it "like the sole of a shoe".

Another very good option would be the Rib Eye cut, which is very juicy on the grill and the little ones in the house will love it.

And as a side dish?

The best side dishes for barbecues

If you already have, so to speak, the main course of the meal, it's time to think about the side dish. In barbecue season, we have to take advantage of the almost extinguished embers, and we love to put some potatoes wrapped in aluminum and let them roast, they are delicious!

But you can also use the grill to grill some vegetables as a side dish: zucchini, eggplant, peppers... all of them cut into large and thick pieces.

We hope you have taken some ideas for the next gathering, which (bearing in mind that the barbecue season is already here) will be very soon.

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