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4 tips to Calculate how much Meat you need for your Grill 🥩

Where to buy grill meat in Miami

One of the first questions to ask when organizing a barbecue is: How much meat should I buy for the barbecue

How much meat should I buy for the barbecue?

The answer to this question is actually very simple, in MeatTown we want to show you 4 important tips to determine the amount of meat, complements, and garnish for your barbecue.

First Step

buy juicy high quality meats in miami

You must know exactly how many people will be attending (don't forget to include the guest of the guest), identifying women, men, and children (under 15 years old).

  • 350 grams of meat for each man.

  • 300 grams of meat for each woman.

  • 150 grams of meat for each child.

Remember that the meat when cooked has a percentage of loss in weight, in MeatTown we guarantee that this loss will be less than 15% of the raw weight since we do NOT inject the meat with water (as is the current practice in many establishments).

Check out our variety of meats ranging from Picanha, Tenderloin, Short Ribs, and much more! Juicy and ready to grill meats. Check our prices by clicking here

Second Step

what meat to choose for barbecue

Think very well about what kind of barbecue you want to make, i.e. a thin cut barbecue or a "roast type" barbecue with big and thick cuts.

For a thin-cut grill, we recommend arrachera or boneless beef ribs with portions of 90 to 120 grams.

For thick cuts (200 grs or more) Ribeye, Tbone, Tbone Sonora, New York, etc.

We recommend that your barbecue has a variety of cuts no more than 3, to ensure that your guests try them all and that your purchase is well spent.

If you plan to offer bone-in cuts such as Tbone or Strip Roast also consider:

Add 150 grams per kilo calculated in Tip number one.

At MeatTown we recommend for connoisseurs of "meat on the bone" our Strip roast, Cowboy and Tomahawk.

Third Step

what to use as a complemente for barbecue

Identify if you will include sausages as a complement; Argentine chorizo, chistorra, red chorizo.

On average each guest will eat between 60 and 90 grams of these products.

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Fourth Step

how to prepare side dishes for meat

The last factor to consider is the garnishes or side dishes you want to include such as frijoles charros, baked potato, cheese, chicharron, salad, etc.

Don't overdo it on these items, because what your guests want to eat is ..... Meat! Remember that even if the side dishes and accompaniments are of excellent quality and elaboration, your grill should be of a recognized brand.

The heat source should be simple charcoal or a combination of "precious" woods for smoking... Never, but never! Neglect the quality of the meat.... and all your guests will remember this event as something truly special.

In MeatTown we want to support and advise you in your purchase, for which we are at your disposal.

Now, let's get cooking!

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