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4 Meat Cooking Points: The Secrets of a Great Barbecue 🥩

What is the best cooking point for meat

Nothing beats a nice barbecue, and it's even better if it's done the way we want it. There are various cooking points for meat on the barbecue that can differ...

Nothing beats a nice barbecue, and it's even better if it's done the way we want it. There are numerous cooking points for meat on the grill that might vary depending on the preferences of each diner. But... how do you make everyone happy?

When a person goes to a restaurant, the ideal situation is for the garzón to ask him how he prefers his meat prepared, but this does not always happen.

What is the temperature of the meat when it is done?

The color of the meat will help you distinguish between different degrees of doneness. As a result, everyone may have a delicious lunch or dinner.

1 | Doneness (Bleu or English)

Beef, Grilled, Meat, Beef, Tomatoes

It isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it does have a loyal following. Freshly cooked beef is a favorite of these individuals.

The outside of the piece of meat is normally sealed on both sides, but when you cut it apart, you can see how red the center is. Many people believe it is cooked "back and forth" so that it seems to be cooked on the exterior.

It has a red zone of 75% and a cooked zone of no more than 25%. If you cut it open, you'll notice that the hue is vivid red in the core. It has a floppy and warm sensation when you taste it.

2 | Moderately rare or in the middle

Steak, Beef, Beef Steak, Meat, Food, Beef

It is one of the meat cooking points that many people find optimal. The juicy meat has a 50 percent red zone and the other half cooked, with an internal temperature of around 50 ° C.

Unlike the last one, it feels soft and sensitive in the mouth while also being juicy. A combination of red colors (for the crudest part) and a pinker part can be seen at first glance.

3 | Three quarters or ready

Espárragos, Filete, Filete De Ternera, Ternera, Carne

It is the most frequent method of cooking meat and the one that most people enjoy. The cooking zone accounts for around 75% of the whole area, while the reddest portion accounts for only 25%. The tone and hue shifts from one scene to the next, becoming pinker in this one.

It can taste smooth and dry in the mouth, compared to medium-rare. The flesh will be tender while also being tough.

4 | Well cooked

Barbacoa, Se Encendió La Parrilla, K, Parrilla, Parilla

The internal temperature of the piece of meat is substantially greater, ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Celsius. The red zone almost vanishes at this point, resulting in a piece of meat that is more than 90% cooked.

When you taste it, you'll notice that it has a tough, almost dry texture. There are no more red spots visible, but they are pink, nearly brown in color.

In terms of cooking time, it should take at least 40 minutes. However, this will vary depending on the thickness of the meat to be cooked.

If you want to please every one of your visitors, ask them what level of doneness they want, and then serve it as is.

Always remember to provide sausages, barbecued sausages, or other meats with your BBQ.

Which of these meat-cooking tips is your favorite?
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